Residential Energy Solutions
(RES) Program

Whether you rent or own, the Residential Energy Solutions Program offers no-cost, energy-efficiency upgrades for your home.


About the Program

The SDG&E Residential Energy Solutions (RES) Program focuses on achieving Zero Net Energy (ZNE) for single-family homes. By offering no-cost energy efficiency products and services, the RES Program can help reduce your energy consumption and increase your energy efficiency – all while giving you added comfort in your home. This program also allows you to participate in demand response events that benefit the energy grid and environment and increase efficiency of resources to prevent power outages.

Program Eligibility

  • Customers must rent or own a single-family home.
  • CCA customers are eligible for the program.
  • Participation in certain Demand Response programs may disqualify customers from some products and services.

Available Products and Services

If you participate in the RES Program, you may qualify for one or more of the products and services listed below.

Smart Thermostats * restrictions apply

  • Reduce energy usage
  • Control thermostat remotely from smartphone
  • Reduce demand on the energy grid

Lower Cooling and Heating Costs

  • Smart Fan Controller
  • Lifecycle refrigerant charge

Reduce Water Heating

  •  Low-flow faucet aerator
  • Low-flow shower head
  • Pipe wrap

Additional products and services may be available at cost to help you transition to higher levels of energy efficiency. Financing may be available.

How to Participate in the Program 

  1. Contact our authorized contractor, Synergy Companies, to request an appointment for a no-cost energy assessment. You can either ...
  2. Receive energy efficiency upgrades at no cost. 
  3. Enjoy energy savings.